Monday, April 20, 2009

You know you live in Utah when

1. You can get fry sauce at Carl's Jr.
2. There's a "Lamb's for Sale" sign down the road.
3. You can see two LDS temples out the window of your home.
4. There are old pick-up trucks on the road with stickers similar to the following: Guns with American flag print, "It's all about the curves" with naked lady draped over lettering, playboy bunny sticker, "drive it like it's stolen", Ron Paul for President.
5. Your principal calls the time you have faculty meetings "sacred Mondays".


holtkamp said...

ha, ha seriously...fry sauce is ONE good thing from utah, along with temples, the mtc and drinkable tap water (and friends/fam of course) but not "nasty" trucks as the SNIWT would say :)

Emily said...

Good list. What about the Utah pouf?

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA! I love this post!!