Monday, April 6, 2009

A whole wedding shot with a Holga? Cool!

Saw this on Leo Patrone's blog. What a fun way to shoot a wedding! Although if it were my wedding I'd like to have one person shooting the toy cam and another shooting something more heavy duty.

I got my Diana+ pictures back this week and the roll turned out decent. There were a lot of blurry ones and some that had an unfortunate fogged streak down the middle that made it impossible to really see the subject. Of the 16 pictures I say I got back about 4 that I actually liked. It wasn't too discouraging, just expensive ($16 to develop one roll). I have since been re-reading my manual, looking up examples of other people's pictures, and following the discussion group threads of the Diana+ group on Flickr. I definitely need to practice more. I will post my decent pictures once I get them scanned. I have a computer scientist husband and we don't have a scanner, just a giant color laser jet printer.

On another note, for those of you who have been lamenting the loss of Polaroid film, Fuji film has made a new Instax Camera that produces Polaroid like images. Those of you in deep mourning probably already know this. It's $130 on the Urban Outfitters' website. Film is $30 for ten pictures. Yikes! But it's better than nothing right? I still have an old half-size Polaroid camera called the JoyCam as well as the one that takes Japanese photo booth sticky style pics (I-Zone). I don't know what I'm going to do with them now.

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holtkamp said...

i've been wanting a holga forever! but alas, the woes of the unemployed and in debt...i'm excited to see your pics!