Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Summer Feet - and out come those pastey white toes

I have this thing about my feet. When we were in high school, my sister used to call me hand feet after seeing a character from Aeon Flux (the animated MTV version). Now I'm a little self conscious to wear open toed shoes other than flip-flops in fear that someone might notice my long toes clutching the edge of my shoes in hang-ten style. Yep, not a fan of the gladiator. Looking for sandals this year, and every year, gets tricky. I usually revert to a pair of flojo flip flops - my signature. I really like these from last spring that I found on a favorite blog. Unfortunately they're long gone now.

I also like these from A.P.C. but they're $300. Not good.

I think I'll be checking Target and small boutiques but might settle for these:

They're super comfortable! They're also white, not brown, which is a plus for my skin tone, and have a little heel with a slightly more covered toe. Exacto!


Emily said...

Love the title and the first pair of shoes. :) Good luck with your search.

beckie said...

I'm so glad you don't like gladiators either. I think they are kind of tacky.

I love the orange ones! So cute. Try Steve Madden, my favorite white wedges of all time were from him. They have lasted 2 or 3 summers now.

Anne said...

Those are adorable! I happen to like your converses, too... but you can't wear those all summer long! If you lived in AZ, though, you could just wear flip flops all year. I know Clinton Kelly would have a heart attack but we all love them here. :) I hope you're enjoying your trip, it sounds wonderful!