Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nanay, Madre, Mother

I love my mother but sadly this mother's day she will not be with her husband or any of her children. My mother has been spending the last 3 months in Hawaii taking care of my grandmother. I'm trying to decide what to send her that she could use at home and away from home and that would not be a pain to pack. I know a lot of people send flowers and a card. I guess that doesn't excite me much because that's probably what my dad will send her and I like to be more creative. What do you do for mother's day? Do you have any traditions or gift ideas?

Photo from photobird


BriAnna Jenkins said...

I'm making my mother in law an apron, but for my own mom i am also stumped!! But a cute apron might work for your mom if she is enjoying some cooking while she is away! They are pretty small if you fold them up tight =)

Amanda said...

I have a couple of ideas.
1) You could make her a photo album on Snapfish or Picaboo and have it mailed to her.
2) You could get her a mother's ring or necklace with your birthstones in it.
3) You could make her a topiary. That is what I do every year. I need to figure out a good animal for this year though. I'm thinking a giraffe or an alligator, but it has to be small enough to mail across the country. I then stuff it with moss and put in succulent cuttings.

This is what my moms and mil's are getting this year.

Amanda said...

You could get her a subscription to the literary women's magazine Segullah (segullah.org). Or a really good book that you have read lately. I find those to be good because I can discuss them with my mom and that's as good as anything...just being able to talk about things.

But I don't know how much your mom likes to read. :)

and books would make for a lonely mother's day. maybe books and chocolate? lindt chocolate?