Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maybe this will do

I think I've narrowed down my summer activities. Unfortunately the first week of my summer will be occupied studying for a very boring beast of a test called the PRAXIS PLT, but after that it should be free!

1. Photography class with Nicole Hill if possible or at SLCC
2. Italian cooking class at Thanksgiving Point
3. Butterfly catching in various beautiful green locations
4. Painting the reading room sage green
5. Planting flowers and herbs in our little flowerbed alongside our walkway

I am getting a little stir crazy at school and so are my kids. Our No Child Left Behind standardized testing is finishing up today (in Utah it's called the CRT). I want to say to the students, "I feel your pain, lets go play outside!" We still have a month left. I think I will take them bug collecting in May. Maybe I can sneakily convince them to catch swallowtails for me for candy. You'd be surprised at what a 12 year old will do for a Jolly Rancher.

We'll also be going to Denver to visit John's family, San Diego to visit my family, attending Brain and JP's wedding, and from what I heard at a meeting last week, volunteering a lot for the Oquirrh Hills Temple open house. Apparently they need 219 people per day to assist from July to the beginning of August.


Amanda said...

i'm so jealous. will you teach me all you learn in your photography class? and paint my reading room? and catch me butterflies?

oh wait. i don't have a reading room.
:) but that's what i want for christmas. (not a reading room) a framed butterfly (or two).

or wait. maybe you can make me one for my birthday. or wait.
i don't know. i'm rambling. i sound a little like john. (he rambles too..only in a more masculine way).

okay. ending now :)

yay for school ending!

holtkamp said...

your summer plans sound wonderful! do you remember having that little dish of jolly ranchers at sister campbell's? i used to love those!

Melinda said...

Amanda - Yes, I will teach you what I learn and I can most definitely make you some butterfly boxes. Let me know what colors you guys like!

Jen - I totally remember the jolly rancher dish! Sis. Campbell must have influenced me because now I give out the same thing to my students! There are better flavors now like blue raspberry. They got rid of the nasty orange, peach, and lemon.