Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Roll Developed!

These were some of the ones that turned out from the Diana+

And then those ones that didn't. What makes that white-out/washed out splotch? That happened on quite a few.

After rereading the manual I learned that I was stupid and didn't use the right aperture setting with the film speed I loaded. We bought more film in NY and hopefully will get more that turn out with the second roll. The student working at Allen's Camera in Provo wasn't very nice so I don't think we'll buy film there again. She looked really annoyed that we didn't know what we were doing. Oh well. We're having fun experimenting!


Adrianna said...

those look awesome! where did you get that camera?

holtkamp said...

i like those mel, especially the first one!

Melinda said...

You can get them at Urban Outfitters! Although some purists think that buying an original off ebay is better, I thought the redone model did just fine.

Amanda said...

the first ones really cool. perspective is neat. and i like john's hat :)