Tuesday, April 14, 2009

cupcakes on a rainy day

Magnolia Bakery.

John looking up directions so we wouldn't get lost again.

Saturday - John worked out with Carl at his very nice gym. John was surprised when one man introduced himself and started a business conversation completely in the nude with another man while in the changing room. Carl also took us to brunch at a French Cafe. Perfect place to chat on a rainy morning. We felt like Hemmingway. Later that day we went grocery shopping for Easter dinner and made a stop at the famous Magnolia Bakery. The cupcakes were good, as in the actual cake part, but we think they're a little overrated. Carl says the best things there are the red velvet and the banana pudding. I liked all cute frosted cakes on stands. We ate our cupcakes on the stone bench and chess table across the street and it was cold!

Yes, this seems like it became a food vacation didn't it?
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Emily said...

mmm- what a great vacation!

beckie said...

I have eaten cupcakes on those exact benches! The cupcakes are overrated but the mini carrot cake and cheesecakes are way cute and yummy, better than the cupcakes.