Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday II

After the trip to the pond, we changed and John took me shopping. To understand the significance of this, you'd also have to understand how much John truly loathes shopping. He feels it is the most evil and boring practice and I am usually left to shop alone. First we stopped by Coal Umbrella on University to look at the vintage. I found this dress that fit perfectly, but I think it was an old flight attendant outfit. Cookies or pretzels?

Second stop was Soel Boutique. They were having an awesome sale and the dress below was only $45. John said it made me look pregnant and it was a little short. In the end the only thing I ended up purchasing was a new sifter. But I love to bake so it was perfect.

After shopping we had dinner at Magleby's Oyster bar and grill. It was so yummy! I had the Orange Roughy - macadamia and coconut crusted, and John had the blue plate special which was some kind of enchilada that came with a macaroon. Our favorite is their amazingly decadent buttermilk pie smothered in raspberry sauce.

We ended the night with a visit to Angelica's house and then at home we watched Raise the Red Lantern. Let me just say I am so glad I wasn't born in 1920's China to be a concubine. I would have been executed because I know I would have burned all those stupid lanterns down and attacked the master with the foot massagers! Lovely movie though.

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Anonymous said...

First of all- YOU DID NOT LOOK PREGNANT in that 2nd dress. But I know our husband's opinions are the only ones that matter so congrats on the new sifter! Looks like you had a fun Birthday weekend:)

holtkamp said...

i too love that second dress! you should hunt down alex and go birding together ha, ha! (with your spouses, of course)

Emily said...

Sounds like a great birthday! That's sweet that John went shopping with you. :) I'm impressed you use a sifter. And there's NO WAY I would fit that second dress now ha ha.

Amanda said...

dresses are short this season! boo. i cant' wait till you post diana pictures. and it looks like a PERFECT birthday. shopping, eating, and exploring.


you guys are so great.

beckie said...

You should have bought that first dress, it was way cute. Cookies, please.

And I know how much John hates shopping, he asked me to help him buy a suit once and he looked pained the entire time.

Happy Birthday!

Adrianna said...

I hope you had a happy birthday! I saw that movie a few months ago and felt the same way! I hope I can see you soon!