Friday, March 27, 2009

You are perfect.

Thanks to inspiration from John's older and sophisticateder brother Carl, we were able to find the perfect sectional for our little town house. Perfect 94"X94" size to fit the living room and no chaise (it would be awkward in the space we have). I'm excited to test-sit on it when we visit New York for spring break. They have a Room & Board store in Soho. We're putting this house together slowly but surely, but I think that's the fun in it. We try to only get things we really like and sometimes it takes awhile to find the right thing or mostly to save up enough for the right thing. If I were more skilled I'd be able to make a few pieces, but I'm not, even though I hope to be one day. Now I'm looking for pictures for our walls and the perfect green paint.

Photo: Room & Board


Emily said...

Love it!

Anne said...

That's perfect! I hope you guys love it!