Thursday, April 2, 2009

When it rains

This list was created awhile ago, but was confirmed today as I walked around downtown Salt Lake for a leadership in education conference. More on that later.

Basics for a New York trip in the spring or fall:

1. Trench coat
Looking for a color other than black. Also, some shades of tan make me look naked. There is truth in the Color me Beautiful season theories from the 80's. Love this one, but they don't have my size! Darn you Bluefly!

2. Tall flat boots
I'm really over boots at this point in the year, but rain + Chuck Taylors or ballet flats = cold grumpy feet. Also heeled boots + long walks in New York = blisters. That was last year.

boots from Urban Outfitters: the one on the bottom is a rubber rain boot.

3. Bubble Umbrella (think Scarlett Johansson roaming Tokyo in Lost in Translation)
I love these umbrellas! Michelle and I used to really want one when we were little. Demetria, our friend across the street, had one and I think we were both a little jealous. They also had some funky ones with frog eyes on the top at a nearby Japanese store, but that was just a bit crazy for me.

Umbrella from Target

We're so excited to visit Carl and to take in the sights and food of New York. The weather forecast shows rain on and off so we'll have to adapt. Things we want do to: the MoMA and MET, the new Museum of Design, Stand Burger, Magnolia Bakery, H&M, Room & Board, A.P.C. and of course hang out with Carl because he's cool like that.


Adrianna said...

Love love love this list! I want all of those things too now. Have a great trip. Eat a cupcake for me :)

beckie said...

Oh I miss new york! I love it, you're going to have so much fun.

Flat boots, a must. You'll never regret it.

And make sure you go to the MoMA-my favorite part of our trip hands down. And near Magnolia Bakery is a great street of super cute shopping-totally your style boutiquey places and a marc jacobs-I think.

Obviously, I am just way excited for you and a teensy bit jealous

A "cheery" disposition said...

I WANT THOSE BOOTS!!!! WOW! I can't believe they are at urban outfitters!

holtkamp said...

which boots are you getting?! i like them all!