Friday, March 20, 2009

Two movies I want to see

I had to catch up on all my apple trailers.

The Cake Eaters - I personally think Kristen Steward did a lousy job in Twilight. I think the girl needs to take some acting lessons and she seems to struggle being eloquent in interviews. BUT, I thought this movie looked cute and she seemed cute in it. Kind of a What's Eating Gilbert Grape-Garden State-The Other Sister hybrid. I'm also obsessed with movies that take place in small towns. Maybe because I haven't lived in one.

The Edge of Love - Watching the trailer, my favorite parts were Sienna and Kiera frolicking in the English country side wrapped up in chunky boots and floaty floral dresses. Looks like it'll be a little too scandalous for me though so I'll have to wait until it comes out with a Clear Play filter.

Photos from imdb

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