Saturday, March 7, 2009

Things to do while the wife is away:

1. Have long meetings with your partners. If possible try to extend the meeting past its true usefulness.
2. Catch up on news. I would recommend the up link, if you want to be really informed and really depressed about the banking system and mortgages.
3. Watch tv. Recently, it's been Battlestar Galactica, Flashpoint (A canadian TV show), Lost, 24, Burn Notice, and somewhate less recently, The Closer and Psych.
4. Watch really girly old tv. Perhaps because of the lack of estrogen in the atmosphere, I've been watching Felicity. I can't believe I just admitted that to the interwebs.
5. Work on projects that could make us a lot of money. Or could make us no money at all. But hey, it's something to do!
6. Play the game "where you kill Satan".
7. Read books, and online fiction.
8. Wash dishes, and other wise clean the kitchen. Dishes are actually always my job, but somehow, with Melinda gone, the sink starts to smell a lot sooner; she's only been gone 2 days.
9. Write on the blog
10. ?

Really I don't know. I'm going to be kind of lost while she's gone. I think Melinda doesn't realize how much more organized, driven, productive, and level-headed I am when she's around. She sometimes says that I don't really need her, but then, how would she know? She's never there to see me when she's gone.


Jethro said...

Dude, I totally know what you mean. My wife is going on a girls trip this June, and it is going to be sucky-town without her. Just wait until you have kids.

Melinda said that you are playing Diablo 2. Is that the game? I love that game. I had the disks a while ago, but I have lost them. But that game really is awesome.

Kerstin said...

You will be glad to know that Brent has gotten me totally hooked on Burn Notice and, of course, Battlestar Galatica.....the best show on TV....ever (except for maybe My-So-Called Life).


John said...

Jethro: Yes it is. Did you know they're making a diablo 3?

Kerstin: Melinda had me watch My so called life for the first time last summer. TV is very different now than it was even 10 years ago, but I think My so called life was the beginning of the transition from sitcoms to drama as the major draw of TV.

Jethro said...

Yes! I do know about Diablo 3, and I pretty much can't wait. We stayed up all night for many nights playing Diablo 2, but I don't think Staci will let me do that when Diablo 3 comes out.

whitney allison said...

I can't say that I'm very suprised to learn of your Felicity watching. Weren't you boys into the Gilmore Girls back in the day?

beckie said...

Whitney said what I was going to say. Every time I see the Gilmore Girls on tv I think of you.