Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Make love, not war.

The Philippines. Where I served my mission.

Portugal. Where John served his mission . . . hmm . . . somebody did not like Portugal.

Tiny Town Switzerland
My friend JP looked at the International Peace Gardens in consideration for a ring ceremony. Despite the snow at the time and the fact that I was in ballet flats, I remembered the fun walk I had with her a month ago. So, John and I broke in and had some fun.

P.S. There are always sketchy old men sitting in cars next to the Peace Gardens, at least in the winter. They leave their cars on, talk, and then drive away. Then another car containing another middle-aged/older man will stop by in a couple of minutes. We think it may be a rendezvous spot . . .
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holtkamp said...

those gardens look nice, i can't imagine how great they'll look in the spring/summer. where is it?

Kristen said...

Creepy....I've never been but I'll bring Dan along for protection.

holtkamp said...

is john a 'mole' trying to destroy the tiny town that gob built?!

Melinda said...

Yes! John is being Tobias! I didn't come prepared with a Japanese rocket suit to complete the picture. haha!
Gardens are 900 W. 1000 S. We'll have to go when you get back from D.C.