Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I need to upload the pictures from this weekend, so more on my birthday soon. In the meantime, we are so proud of our friend Jed and his amazing work on the short animated film Kites. He's been directing this project for two years and his efforts have paid off. The film won a student Emmy! Watch the film here. It made me tear up a little because it was so sweet and simple. Read about it here. Jed was in our student ward back when we got engaged. He then married my super hot, funny, and talented roommate Tanei. They are just an awesome couple. We spent one night bonding with them while telling our most embarrassing poo stories. Jed and Tanei now have information to blackmail us if ever the need arises.

photo from byu.edu


Amanda said...

totally cried through that. it's lovely.

holtkamp said...

i just saw it from JP and loved it too! it reminded me of my grandpa and the kid looked a little like isaac when he was little, i miss both of them!

whitney allison said...

I saw this in the news but I didn't know Jed directed it! How awesome. Jed, if you're out there, way to go.