Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The King's English

Reading and going to bookstores are John's most favorite activities. This led me in my decision to visit a local bookstore (still part of our glorious date). I saw some quirky apothecary jars and John purchased two books: Master & Commander and The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I have never been to a small local bookstore before. In my excitement of the new experience I started pulling all the books off the shelves exclaiming, "Ooo, this one won an award, and so did this one! Read this!" John calmly informed me that local bookshops try to only carry books that they have read or know something about. In other words, they're all pretty good.

I loved this painting that was hung near the stairs. It seemed to depict John so perfectly - the man is reading in the metaphysics section.

image from my camera

The workers didn't know the name of the artist, but the style of the picture looked familiar to me. Later that night I checked an old power point I had made on entomology for a bug collecting unit and found this picture:

Image from wikipedia

After a little research I found the artist: Carl Spitzweg. The first painting is called Der Buecherwurm (The Bookworm). The second is Der Schmetterlingsjaeger (The Butterfly Hunter). We found representation for the both of us!
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beckie said...

Those pictures are great.

I can't believe you've never been in a local bookstore. They are charming to say the least. I love that musty smell of dust and imagination

holtkamp said...

ooh me and dave love bookstores! i wish you could go to the one by our house called politics and prose. it has everything!