Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hawaii Day 1

Michelle's favorite: Katsu curry rice as big as her head.

Curry Ramen

Grandma's homey mint green kitchen

Let me explain first of all that this trip to Hawaii was NOT a vacation. No, I did not get a tan, snorkel, or eat coconuts. I did not put on a bathing suit the entire trip. I just didn't seem right. I went to go to a funeral. A lot of people told me before I left that they were wanted to go too. Well, the majority of my time was spent talking with family, so I guess they could be jealous of that. I love sitting and hearing stories about my grandparents and their lives, so to me it was perfect and a very fitting way to pay respects to my grandpa.

Being with family also means eating a lot of Japanese food. I really enjoyed that part as well :)
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