Sunday, March 22, 2009

Family Dinner

For our last night in Hawaii we went out for tepanyaki with Grandma and Uncle Mike. When we were trying to decide what to eat beforehand, I found out that tacos and pizza were completely foreign to my grandma. "What is that?" she asked. I guess the older generation of locals don't go near modern, touristy places. But, Grandma does go every Saturday to get her hair done and to have lunch of a cheese burger and apple pie afterward at MacDonalds. I like that old fashioned tradition of getting your hair done and set once a week. I might have to try that when I get older.

Shel, me, Uncle Mike

Grandma and Mom

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holtkamp said...

you have the cutest family!

beckie said...

Your family is so cute. And I can't believe how similar you and your sister look, I really thought that was you in the previous post.