Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Belgium Waffle & Omlet House

We ended our day long date with breakfast. Our favorite! John ordered Belgium waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. I had garbage hash. It's much better than its name implies: bacon, ham, sausage, harsh browns, peppers, and mushrooms all smothered in colby-jack cheese. Mmmm! I asked John to draw a picture of me and it kind of turned out like an Edward Gorey sketch. Mine is on the right, and it looks funny too. John likes the waffles here because they use frozen strawberries instead of sugary preservatives.

That is one of the longest, but most lovely dates I have been on.
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Amanda said...

i love breakfast too! and i love the pictures that you drew of eachother. they are exactly how i would imagine them...john's scribbles and your neat and talented sketch. :)

branden says:
- The omelet sounded good.
- That is cool that you knew the artist and that one reminded me of John too.
- Thanks for getting my wife a great birthday gift. (she's worn it already)

holtkamp said...

i love belgian waffle! we should go there this summer!