Friday, February 20, 2009

Well Read

Before we got married we had an interview with our dear Bishop Bramhall. Among his words of good counsel, he gave us one piece of advice that I will always remember. He told us to make sure we filled our home with good books and good music. His wise insight has left me never feeling guilty over the purchase of a hardback novel or an enchanting tune. Both John and I love to read and we're not ashamed of our many weathered paper backs (Ok, sometimes I do get a little annoyed with the myriad sci-fi and fantasy books that are stashed in random corners of the house) but, when I saw this beautiful hardback set on a Little Sussy, I felt like they would be a good purchase. One thing I love about my in-laws house is that they have tons of hard back classics linning their built in bookshelves. John and I have agreed that our dream house would have to have a gigantic library/reading room with lots of soft chairs and sunlight.


Heidi said...

Is it going to have a ladder that runs along the length of the wall? That would be my projection!

Wiwi Kalawi said...

Ooo! I want a library in my house too! I'll support your dream.

beckie said...

Bishop Bramhall! Man I love and miss him.

Steve and I totally agree and are constantly buying books. And while it is kind of overwhelming when we think about moving them, its always fun to see Steve rearranging them-I tease him that he likes to play with them.

A nice cool library with deep leather chairs and a huge rustic looking table/desk. Dream.