Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines. day of love and day of pain

Our Valentine's turned out nicely in the end this year. We ended up celebrating on President's Day instead of Saturday so that we could eat at one of our favorite Italian Restaurants, Cocina Toscana, in Salt Lake. Their food is quite yummy! John says he hates Valentine's day. Something about pressure to plan and competing for reservations at good places. He did a fabulous job though: pink roses, dried mangoes and 2 boxes of fruit snacks (I'm not much into chocolates), a funny note written in a card, and a stuffed animal bunny rabbit. It was cute and thoughtful.

Ok, now that part that wasn't so fun. I was supposed to supply the dessert portion of a dinner going a friend in the ward. I had everything planned out perfectly. I'd make the brownies, get all dressed-up, and bring over the dessert on our way to dinner. Well, this is what actually happened:

I open the door to the car and because we live in a town house and the garage is small and also because I'm balancing a tray of food, I slam it into my shin :( Holding back curses and half crying, I plop down into the passenger seat of the car as I'm holding the steaming brownies in one hand. The momentum of plopping causes the brownies to flip and half of the dessert ends up engrained in the car's interior >:( John tries frantically to pick up the still steaming mess but realizes it's still too hot to hold and starts shouting, "The pan! Give me the pan!" Luckily, half the pan survived and I had John cut it into slices and deliver it while I vaccumed out the car and whimpered over my marred leg.

I think I'm not supposed to deliver desserts to people. Last time I made a berry cobbler that never solidified and as I backed up the whole thing sloshed back onto the seat. Our dessert was good though. Pistachio gelato. So there's that.


Kristen said...

Oh how SAD!! Here is a good motto that an older friend in my last ward taught me: "There is a reason other people cook food professionally. In all cases when you can, buy, don't make the food."

No one died from getting a carton of ice cream for dessert. Your shins and car interior will thank you for it.

ps..Dan and I have NEVER celebrated by going out on 2/14. It's always the day before or day after and we always get a great table with zero wait. I earn major points from dating days when I said that this was ok with me. :)

Amanda said...

SO SAD. I'm sorry. but, I LOVE CUCINA TOSCANA. and that had to make up for it :)

holtkamp said...

oh melinda, you are so pretty! i like this picture of you. i'm glad you had some good gelato..