Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trip to Provo - Darfur Action Committee Concert

The girls getting gelato.

Four leaf clover? Sure didn't taste lucky.



At the request of our dear, absent friend Jen, John and I headed down to P-town for a concert to raise awareness for refugees in Darfur at the PennyRoyal Cafe. The company? Angelica, her friend Angela, and JP. The food? Ok. Angelica's peach salad had an unknown bitter green that no one enjoyed, but the carrot ginger soup, flower salad, and the PennyRoyal Classic Panini were yummy. The crowd? Well, there were a lot of college students. The music? First 2 performers, a little whiny, but we liked that last group which included a cello performer. Dessert? Of course! Biscotti gelato at Maestros.
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holtkamp said...

yea! i'm so glad you guys went! about $600 was raised! you know, i've still never tried gelato....