Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have a history with old couches. Growing up our couch was an old brownish 70's thing. It was pretty gross. The bottom would jangle from the change, lite brites, and crayons that would drop down the sides. When we finally got rid of it in my teenage years, my brothers greedily cut open the bottom to find that there was only a dollar's worth or so inside (haha!)

The blue couch that followed got weathered pretty quickly and when we got rid of it we dealt with no couch for about a year or so. Decorating and furniture have never been priorities for my mother.

Student housing in college provided lots old, used , DI couches. That tradition continued into our first two years as a married couple. Now we have my mother-in-law's old couch which is lovely, but sadly ripping in several spots. It doesn't help that the couch is also John's "cubicle" since he works on his laptop from home. I don't know if any old couch stands a chance against his bum. I think it might be time to let it go.

So, we're leaning toward a sectional to fit our townhouse. Possibly brown, suede (see below). We've never done this before. Any suggestions on where to find such a couch?

John's Couch from the bachelor years. It kind of glows! Arch house back.

My apartment before I got married.

Our pre-furnished duplex couch.

Couch we bought from Jp for $25 (not including slip cover)

The sectional we kind of like. It was in the "cabin" at our family reunion. I wish I owned this house.
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Heidi said...

We have been lusting after new furniture too and love to look at Furniture Row (the furniture store by IKEA). There is also an RC Willey outlet at 9000 South and Redwood that sells overstock, seconds and returns for good prices... I love the blast from the past about lite brights - I loved those things and my parents got four of them so that we wouldn't have to share!

holtkamp said...

yeah, my sis and bro in law got some nice brown suede-ish ones from ikea. they're really nice.