Sunday, February 8, 2009

Martha must be my fairy godmother

This is not turning into a food blog, promise. I just like food a lot.

I was happy to see this month's Martha Stewart Living. I have this love-hate relationship with how I feel about Martha, but this month it was as if she read my mind. Cupcakes, a fresh strawberry frosting recipe, and a feature on a pretty green room that I plan on using for inspiration when we repaint and redecorate upstairs.

I made Martha's yellow cupcakes on Sunday and they were delicious! Buttery, light, and not too sweet. I also made the strawberry butter cream frosting. Delicious, but not so successful. I got a little too excited about the fresh strawberry puree, and if any of you know a little about the chemistry of hydrophobic molecules in butter, you'll understand why it didn't work. Recipe bombed again! After this weekend, I think I'm going to have some kind of complex about my cooking skills. John loved the curdled frosting anyway and ate quite a bit of it. Sorry to some of you, because those cupcakes were supposed to end up on your doorstep Sunday night.


beckie said...

You should try the Ginger Molasses cupcakes! So good. But instead of whipped cream I put lemon cream cheese frosting and it was yummy yummy yummy.

Emily said...

May I get the cupcake recipe pretty please? I need to learn to make cupcakes not from a box.

Melinda said...

If you go to and search for cupcakes I think they have all the recipes from the issue. You can click on the link under the picture for strawberry cupcakes and frosting. Good luck! You should try the frosting and let me know how it turns out.

Anne said...

Wow I feel the same way about Martha sometimes, but when I saw that cupcake issue, it took all my self control not to buy it right then! I'll have to try the icing, too. I have lots of strawberries in the fridge and they sound SO good!