Sunday, February 8, 2009

Creme Brulee

So this was my second attempt at creme brulee. The first time was a year and a half ago and it turned out ok, but a little underdone. Well, this time it was gross. I tried to make this treat for John on Thursday/Friday because work has been very busy for him this week. I used a recipe from Williams Sonoma's website for lemon creme brulee, but then added in some raspberries (an idea I got from the Blue Boar restuarant in Midway). I think I didn't let the raspberries dry enough before I plopped them in and the result was a curdled custard. Boo! It's frustrating when expensive deserts don't turn out. Good thing I did not use a vanilla bean. That would have been an even bigger waste! We did get some fun pictures out of it though, and using a kitchen torch is always fun.
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