Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Figure Drawing

Before I decided to become a science teacher, I wanted to major in illustration. Yes, typical college predicament (kind of sounds like a Felicity episode). For awhile my schedule would go something like this: Microbiology, Intro to Graphic Design, Physiology, Organic Chem, Figure Drawing. It was back and forth between the science and art buildings. I never really developed any real skill in art; I obviously chose science and stuck with it, but today I finally got to use my latent knowledge. Notice how I didn't use the word skill. I taught figure drawing to my 7th graders for an enrichment activity. They freaked out a little when I told them that good figure drawing requires a course in anatomy and there were a lot of giggles when I told them figure drawing requires a nude subject, but they did a good job. Of course I would be fired if we used a real nude, so we practiced with Da Vinci's Bacchus. It was fun and made me want to pick up the pencil again. I'm a little embarrassed putting these up because I have friends with real talent (Jed) , but here it goes . . .

Today's practice

Old sketches from college.


Amanda said...


holtkamp said...

yea! i think you should definitely start up again! where are your figure drawing models from the terrace days?! ha, ha

Kerstin said...

Those are really great!

I also one time was really into first major in college was "art education"....but decided against it because I was such a perfectionist that it drove me crazy.

I decided to find something that being that much into detail wouldn't drive me batty.

Ah...ears...and hearing aids.

And...being a mom. :)