Thursday, February 19, 2009


Next week is parent-teacher conferences . . . the conferences themselves are OK. Grading, writing, and putting together work samples, assessments sheets, and grade print outs for 200 kids, not so fun.

To cope with the work, I watched Penelope last night. It's free on Netflix right now. Christina Ricci's clothes were so cute! I don't know if I'd wear all of them, but they're fun to look at. A lot of the pieces were actually hand made and embellished especially for the movie. Too bad the lighting is bad and you can't see a lot of the detail well. I also liked Penelope's room full of butterflies and bell-jar terrariums. Even though it's kind of a kid movie, I still liked it. Maybe I'm attracted to it because of the clothes or maybe because Penelope becomes a science teacher. Fairy tales always leave me feeling happy at the end and I can always use a cheery movie in the middle of the week.


Emily said...

The clothes look cool. I might have to watch the movie.

Heidi said...

I loved the movie - kid movie or not - it was pretty well done!