Sunday, January 4, 2009

San Diego Part 1

Before: Utah

After: San Diego

As you may know, we spent our winter holiday in San Diego. The first day we did nothing but relax in the warm weather. The second day we visited John and Dolores in San Clemente. The rolls were yummy just as I predicted! It was chilly, but we took a walk on the beach anyways. We also met up with Clark and Lilly Ridge.


Christmas Eve was Costco tamales. If our family doesn't do traditional it's either Mexican or Japanese. Our big feast is on Christmas day though. We opened presents at my big sister's place and were treated to a yummy breakfast from her husband Greg. Bacon always tastes good!

Christmas morning.

Christmas day dinner was prepared by all the siblings. John made his mom's creamy corn pudding recipe, but forgot to add the sugar. Oops! I made rolls from a recipe I got at a church enrichment. I swear that is the best recipe ever because for the first time ever, my rolls turned out! I can now be accepted as a real wife.

John's favorite present. Thank you book club!

Suburban California Christmas.

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holtkamp said...

what was john's present?

Kris said...

That is AWESOME that you really gave him that...I love it. We want to hear his review of the book at our next meeting!

Melinda said...

John's present was a cheesy romance novel called "Trouble with Luv". I peeked inside and there's seems to be some fascination with nipples. haha! Of course he's not going to read it.

Amanda said...

eew. that sounds gross.