Thursday, January 22, 2009

MLK Jr. Day

My friend Angelica recently informed me that Martin Luther King Jr. Day is supposed to be a national day of service. This made me feel a little bad because I didn't do any service that day.

Angelica came over to hang out which was wonderful because we hardly ever go to Provo these days. "Too far", John says. So we had a lunch ham and cheese panini sandwiches and headed up to Sugar House for some shopping. John was grateful I had a shopping buddy for once and spent his free time working and playing guitar hero. Since moving from Provo, I have mourned the fact that there are only big chain stores in our area and no cute boutiques like Soel and Flower Shop. I think I've found my replacements in Sugar House. I picked up some silly Japanese stickers to put on letters to my nieces and nephews as well as a pair of t-straps that were half off. Angelica got a lovely green scarf. She hates to shop so it took a lot of convincing.

We came home later to watch a documentary, Kicking it, that featured at Sundance last year. I loved it! The film was about the Homeless World Cup. My favorite part was when the very unskilled Spanish team won their first and only game. The whole team cried and their coach had to run off because he was crying so much for his players' joy. It made me reflect more on how I see not only homeless people, but people in general and how our opinions of others usually concentrate on the what we can see and don't factor in the person's past experiences. I wonder if there is some way I can get involved in helping the US team's Homeless World Cup. That would be so cool!

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