Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Here Comes Your Man"

They say behind every great man there is a great woman. I think the reverse is also true. So that you can get to know the great man behind this woman here are a few things fun things about my dear John:

1. Names he goes by or has gone by: Bobby, Bobby John, Bober, Juanito, Nito, and once he wished to be called George.
2. His favorite sodas are root beer and sprite. He hates it when people say "pop".
3. The sport he likes to play the most is Ultimate Frisbee. He cannot play basketball on account of his small hands.
4. He has been recognized by others for having great taste in music and a good range of musical tastes, anywhere from Tupac and Outkast to Norah Jones. He hates country, EFY music, and especially Mo-tab. Prefers forms of rock: Muse, Weezer, Ok Go, Cake.
5. He is SUPER INTELLIGENT! I'm not just bragging here. BYU courted him to come to their school. He has been given the title of "the fountain of random knowledge" by more than one person. His mind is a sponge, mostly soaking up information from NPR,, and Newsweek.
6. He reads about a book a week on average. Not skinny books either. He prefers fantasy and authors Brandon Sanderson and Robin Hobb.
7. He says the sibling he is closest to is his little sister Amanda. They were in college at the same time and graduated together. Cute!
8. He is a self employed computer programmer. His company is called Center for Leadership Solutions (translation - H.R. programming). His partner/mastress is Rick.
9. He served his mission in Portugal, Lisbon South.
10. He is good at cooking breakfast - egg toast, french toast souffle, belgian waffles, german pancakes etc.
11. He will watch artsy, indie movies with me but really likes action movies, especially the Bourne series.
12. Ever since his mission he has been called in some sort of secretary calling. This year is the first that he has been out of an "office" calling. He loves being a ward missionary.
13. He is a self-proclaimed introvert. I kind of don't believe that.
14. He is good at seeing all sides in the political spectrum with an open mind and can discuss and debate both sides very well. Extreme right and extreme left crazies really annoy him.
15. He wants to say "Damn the Man!" but can't bring himself to say damn. The first, and maybe only time, he swore was when he was in 3rd grade and heard his older brother Carl got into a fight on the playground.
16. He is super un-materialistic. He never wants anything. He lives very simply. He is very frugal. When asked what he would do with a million dollars, his answer is always that he would save it.
17. Like most men, he likes to play video games. Lately Mario Galaxy on the Wii. He wants people to know that he is not a hard-core gamer. No World of War Craft.
18. He majored in Computer Science at BYU. It took him 8 years to graduate, but he graduated!
19. He grew up in Tarzana, California. For those of you who don't know Cali, that's just right outside of L.A. He's a valley boy!
20. He mostly wears flip flops or no shoes.

Yes, I love my man.


holtkamp said...

mel- i love this list! you and juanito are so great together! and funny!

whitney allison said...

Bobby an introvert? I never knew it to be true.