Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dreaming of Green

Photo: Jamina Patel

Winters in Utah are quite blah for me. I am definitely not a snow lover. When it gets ugly and gray outside I start dreaming of strawberries, bare feet, and greenery. There is also a severe lack of trees in our area, so the snow doesn't quite have the magical effect that it can sometimes. I woke up this morning listing in my head all the places we could move that either lack snow or have more trees (California, Washington, Oregon . . .) I think I'm going through nature withdrawl.

I saw these super cute terrariums by Made by Mavis when they were featured on etsy. Since all my plants dry out when the heater is on full blast, I thought they would be the perfect thing for bringing in some greenery indoors during dismal winter months. Unfortunately all the cute ones were snatched up after that feature, but as soon as she makes some more I'm putting my order in!

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holtkamp said...

dreaming of green? i thought you'd be dreaming of brown! bootie brown! ha, ha...DC actually doesn't have any snow right now, just cold. but i'd much rather live in the cold than the snow.