Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do We Dare?

I've done no prior planning, which was not very smart, but I suddenly want to go to the Sundance Film Festival. Last minute I know. So, is it worth it to send John to stand in a endelss line in the freezing cold for tickets? A teacher that I work with lives just above Park City and says it's a crowded mess. But we're not living in Utah forever and I've decided that we need to go at least once. The movie that caught my eye was 500 Summers staring Zooey Daschanel and Joseph-Gordon Levitt. It looks so cute, but then again these film don't have ratings. How likely is it that stand-bys get the tickets they want? Should we just wait until next year?

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holtkamp said...

we went to our first sundance film last year and loved the experience. we just picked a random movie and it was ok. i think you can register somehow on line for maybe a lottery instead of waiting in line somewhere. that's what we did. but if the movie is really popular you may have to wait either way. good luck.