Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Vacation, all I ever wanted"

I'm excited to leave for San Diego and wish it were today. These are the reasons why:

1. Warmer weather! The temperature on Christmas day is scheduled to be 70 degrees!

2. Family. I love my family. Although, it will be a little sad because my mom will be in Hawaii taking care of my grandparents. We will miss her.

3. Nature. I'm going to take John on a little hike of my old favorite running route in the Penasquitos canyon.

4. Good Mexican and Japanese food. This is scarce in Utah.

5. The ocean. I try to go every time I return home. Lately it's to a nude beach! He he! Don't worry, I don't go nude, I stay on the surfer side. You'd be surprised how many hard core nudies brave the winter water to air out. The nude beach is the best for wildlife and shell collecting. This is probably because parents don't bring their kids.

6. Mission pictures and other memorabilia. I want to pick up my pictures from the Philippines and finally work on putting them in an album this summer. There are also a few old punk and ska CD's that I realize that I miss. My parents moved beyond the stage of putting their childrens' old belongings in the spare room, to putting them in a storage unit.

So many things to look forward too! The kids are getting pretty rowdy and hyped up for the holiday season. This is no fun for teachers. The kids lose their patience for work and I start to lose my patience for their behavior. But they are still generally sweet. I've gotten some of the sweetest Christmas notes this year from my kids that I will definitely be keeping for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm in San Diego too. let me know when you go to the nude beach – I want to go! ;-)

Emily said...

Yeah! See you there! :) PS where's the best Japanese place in San Diego?

Melinda said...

Nate, have you ever been to Blacks? That's the nude beach. Have you ever heard the legend of the naked flute player that greets all those who come down the path from the glider ports?