Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ok, before it's Christmas, here are the pictures from our Thanksgiving trip to Denver. We had our Thanksgiving feast at John's older sister's house. Everything was delicious and I played a long, but fun game of catch with my niece Sarah. John helped one of the nephews, Matthew, create a video for his claymation. The rest of the vacation was spent relaxing and seeing Australia. We liked Australia. Now I just need to see Twilight.

Me and Sarah.

John and the nephews.


Behind the scenes: Stephanie cooking.


Amanda said...

that made me sad. but in a good way. i miss you. and john. and just the whole fam.

I'm glad you posted pics though. and i like the name olivia too. branden and i went through our family history and picked out names from there one night for an FHE activity :) haha. it's important! and i will make sure that i don't pick names from that list of overused names. yikes.

Emily said...

Your Thanksgiving meal looks amazing!