Wednesday, December 10, 2008


No, not the pig.

John and I have been thinking of baby names since before we were married. No, this is not an announcement. This is something I love to do. Take a look at my old journals from high school and early college and you'll find baby name lists in there too. Here is a sampling from one of the old high school lists:

1. Ezekiel - I thought it sounded Punk rock
2. Aidan - I found it in a baby book and thought it was cool
3. Elyse - The name of the lead singer in my favorite ska band
4. Kathryn - From Wuthering Heights

My list has changed quite a bit since then. One of the names I liked recently was Olivia. This name was brought to my mind by Olivia Hussey who played Juliet in the original Romeo and Juliet movie, not the Baz Lurhman version. I always liked her hair. Anyways, I thought it was classic and original at the time. Then our neighbors moved in next door and guess what their daughter's name is? Then there was a girl the ward, a high school friend's child, and finally one of my best friends said she was going to use that name too. Darn!

Yesterday I checked a favorite blog and the author had a link to something called a name mapper ( It charts out how popular a name has been over time. Olivia was ranked the #7 most popular name in 2007. It's now officially off my list. But, if you decide to name your little girl Olivia, I will secretly be jealous but love it!


Emily said...

That's funny I thought the same thing about Ezekiel. I told Tyrone and he said it's a name he associates w an old Amish man. Also he doesn't like Sophia b/c he associates it w old people. Also somewhat amusing is when people "ruin" a name for you by naming their pet the name first or a mean person having a name you used to like.

Kerstin said...

I love that baby name thing....I have put many a name it it coming up with my kid's name!

My daughter's name was almost Chloe until we discovered how popular of a name it was.

You like ska music, too? My brother was in a ska band until he decided to go on a mission instead. :)