Friday, December 12, 2008

Meager Attempt

Here are our meager Christmas decorations. Some people like to spend money on cars. Others would spend it on decorating. I spend it on clothes, so this is what you get.


Our Japanese fusion.
This is the tiny Christmas tree my big sister Lisa sent me while I was in the MTC. It was such a sweet gift and I always like to put it up to remind me of that time. Chrismas dinner was not tasty for us missionaries. They served roast beef that had a weird iridescent green sheen over it. Scary! I later found out that it's just old connective tissue when I saw the same thing on the hamstring of a cadaver. Still, very unappetizing. One thing that was good was that we were challenged by our teachers to read 3 Nephi 11 and ponder more on the meaning of Christ's birth to all people. I read the chapter and it lifted my spirits when I was away from home. This year I took a few of my study sessions to read the prophecies of Christ's birth in all four standard works to get a better grasp on how events throughout time and on different continents testified of the Savior.
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Kris said...

Oh Melinda. You need some help dear. One bowl of disco balls will not do!