Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yea or Nay?

I had a church leader in my youth who used to gather our class opinion by asking "yea or nay?". I was a quietly obnoxious little 12 year old and me and my friends used to make fun of her all the time behind her back; "Do you like Bill? Yea or nay? Do you think that kid is cute? Yea or Nay?". So anyways, the yeas and nays of this week and last:

1. We're going to Denver for Thanksgiving!
2. John is getting over his cold.
3. I'm going to teach kids how to stain cheek cells this week.
4. After labored searching for two years, I finally found a pair of comfortable boots whose shaft actually fits my calf.
5. We attended the Ryser family's sealing at the temple yesterday and have been feeling the happiness of it ever since.
6. They finally opened a Papa John's Pizza place near us. It's about time! No more driving to Draper to get good BBQ chicken pizza.
7. Stuffing and yams at the faculty Thanksgiving Luncheon. Any day I don't have to bring a lunch to work is a good day.
8. Got some Christmas shopping done . . . and a little for myself . . .

1. John snores at night because of his cold. Last night he slept in the guest room because I needed sleep to attend an early meeting.
2. My most reliable pair of ballet flats are getting stinky. Ew!
3. John's hands are small and it's hard to find gloves for him for Christmas. As Becky would say, "freakishly small", though maybe not as small as Webster's.
4. I heard the Twilight movie was lame, but everyone says to go see it. Maybe it's actually good?

Needless to say, the yeas outnumber the nays.


Branden said...

that picture completely embodies the post "yea or nay".

and its just "brill" (british short for brilliant)

sorry john is sick. it's the time of year for those. i'm sick too. boo.

you found boots!

where? i want a picture. of you in them. :)

Amanda said...

that last post was me. ha.

Wiwi Kalawi said...

This reminds me of my favorite sharing time game in Primary, called "Choose the Right." Ask me to demonstrate this for you sometime, and I promise you will die laughing.

Anonymous said...

where is this Papa Johns Pizza? I LOVE Papa Johns Pizza!! You just made my day!

Melinda said...

Papa John's is 12447 S. Crosswing DR. (4000 W.)
I'm glad you're excited about it too! I LOVE their pizza!

Kris said...

Go see Twilight - Dan and I are seeing it this weekend (my 2nd time) it's just fun. It's not Gone with the Wind or anything. Keep that in mind and it's worth it.

I refuse to teach children older than 10 in church. If how I treated my teachers is any indication, it would only be trouble. Yea or Nay...too funny!