Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Night with the Ridge Family

Saturday was mostly spent recovering from the hectic week and the late night Halloween partying. That means lots of sleeping and vegging in front of the TV. I did manage to slip in a run after a 3 week hiatus. I was struggling for air and definitely out of shape already. I have a feeling that once we have kids, finding time to run is going to be difficult. In the afternoon we were invited to a casual dinner at Grandpa Alf's home. It was his 88th birthday, but we arrived to the meal oblivious to this fact. When they brought out Grandpa's birthday pecan pie, topped with a huge sparkly candle, we were more surprised that he was! John's Grandpa is a retired dentist and we spent a bit of time learning the pros and cons of silver versus white fillings.

John's cousin Clark was also in town visiting. It was fascinating to listen to Clark (a physical chemist) and Uncle Bobby (a nuclear physicist) debate theories of global warming and quantum physics. I think my IQ shot up 10 points just listening to them talk. Here are the two scientists deep in discussion.

It was a lovely night. I feel so comfortable around John's family and it has been so easy to adopt them as part of my own.

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