Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reasons I like Denver

We may be in Utah for awhile with all this messiness in our current economy. The plans for our future though are to move to Denver, Colorado. At this point we don't know when that will be. Denver is where John went to high school and where his parents currently reside. Don't get me wrong, I do like things about Utah too, but since we're spending our holiday in the Colorado, it got me thinking. I don't know a lot about Denver, but so far this is what I like:

1. Family - we love spending time with John's parents, his older sister, and all the cute nephews and one sweet niece.
2. Nature - I like that there are open spaces in Denver. The developers leave finger canyons open in the communities so that you have trees and streams weaving around homes. You also get to see cool things like foxes in your backyard!
3. Hiking - I've only hiked up Massey Draw, but it was stunning, even when the little waterfalls were still frozen.
4. Diverse population and political views - even if they're not the same as mine, I really enjoy hearing different ideas and view points. Colorado was a swing state this year.
5. A big downtown - things to see and things to do. Colorado/Denver has many professional sports teams like the Broncos, the Rockies, the Nuggets, and let's not forget about their skilled MLS team the Colorado Rapids.
6. Sunny Winters - John says it snows more in Colorado than Utah, but the snow also melts faster.
7. Driving style - Although not as great as California, I like that people get over into their lanes early instead of making last minute merges that result in accidents.
7. Perhaps the most important to a girl . . . better malls! Anthropologie and Nordstoms' together in the same mall! Yes!

We'll be enjoying Denver for the next 3 days for Thanksgiving break! Until then.


holtkamp said...

i've heard good things about denver too. i hope you don't turn into a rockie's fan though!

Angie Wilson said...

what?!?! you were in CO?? I guess I checked the blog too late. We could have done a terrace friends photo shoot!

If you need any more reasons to love Colorado, just ask me. I love Colorado!! Best place ever!! :)