Thursday, November 20, 2008

Paint Colors

As you may know, we had a painting disaster in the summer. We fixed one room by painting it ourselves, but the other room still looks dumpy. We had it painted a light blue that was supposed to be blue gray, but ended up being more baby blue. I can't put my finger on it, but I'm not liking it. Plus the lady messed up and we have to paint over it anyways. I've been trying to think of a new color scheme because this room will eventually become the guest room. It is currently the office. Here's a lavender color I thought would be fun.

I've also thought sage green would be nice. I am really inexperienced in decorating. When I was 9, my mom had our house remodeled. The project was not finished until this year. I'm trying to learn. I should probably hire one of you to help me :)


Emily said...

I like blue greys and I like neutrals like grey, beige, cream, etc b/c they match everything. I like the lavender color you picked but John should like it too before you paint the room. I've heard paint is two shades lighter than you expect. It's a good idea to get a bunch of paint chips, tape them to the wall, and look at them in different light over a few days. Some companies produce tiny cans of paint so you can paint a square on your wall and see if you still like the color. I need to see your completed house. :)

Heidi said...

One great place to look is at the paint swatches at Home Depot. They have a bunch of sample books that show tried and true colors which go together and they show rooms as samples which are painted and decorated with these color schemes. We may still have some of there - I'll ask Oliver - if not they're free and a great place to get ideas!

beckie said...

This website, desire to inspire has a huge photolibrary of design inspirations
or try domino magazine

I love the lavendar though especially if you have dark solid furniture it will help ground the room and make it not so girly.

We had a similar problem with the blue grey. I wanted to get a grey like sweatshirt grey but ended up with more blue. I like enough but wish it was greyer. Its definately tricky.

holtkamp said...

i like both the lavender and the sage green. it reminds me of your wedding. just do anything besides poo brown. booty brown!

Kris said...

I'll help!!! I LOVE paint, paint chips, get the picture. I will also not promise to mix my own color of paint for you!

Anne said...

I love the lavendar! I'm having the same dilemma with our house. We want something new but it's hard to decide! The master bath has a huge white tub, little white shower, and white tile, so I thought it would be fun to do a bright color to make it kind of pop. It's the only really contained room and while I'd never dare anywhere else, it seems safe and fun. But now I can't pick! So hard... let us know what you decide and have a great thanksgiving!