Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Purse

Being without a wallet, purse, or credit card is weird. I told this to John and he said he's always wished this would happen to him so he didn't have to be responsible for anything. Then I reminded him that it also means that 1) You can't legally drive and 2) You can't buy anything. So you basically are an adult stripped of all the cool things that make being an adult fun. He said, "Awesome!" I need a purse. Although I'm not a purse person (I'd rather spend my money on clothes) I've realized that carrying loose cash in my back pocket to the grocery store is a bad idea. It's just asking for trouble once again. I can't afford Chanel or L.A.M.B. like my successful and stylish little sister because teachers will never make as much as nurses. Our pay, they tell us, is beyond material wealth (cough!). Still, I'd like to get something better than the old army surplus bag I have in my closet.

Here's one that I like but can't quite afford. It has a more modern edge with the slight metallic.

Here's one that fits a little better in my budget. It's more vintage. I saw it a boutique in Provo. Sorry the image is so small. Go here for a bigger pic:

Because of a great coupon, I decided on this. I'm having second thoughts and thinking I might like the second one better. What do you think?
I'm not very concerned about wallets. Let's be honest, they stay inside your purse all the time and maybe see light for 3 minutes a day if even that. My stolen wallet was a knock off from the Philippines that I got on my mission. I might pick up a cheap one from Charlotte Russe. If you ever run into John, ask to see his wallet. He's so proud of it because he bought it with Amanda's dinning plus money at the BYU Creamery. It's awesome and has a generic plastic emblem on the front and it zips up. Kids think it's really cool. It's lasted 5 years so far and even survived a trip into the hot pots!


holtkamp said...

i like the one you bought (the 3rd pic) but i LOVE the shape of the second one! i think it's more you. good luck with the wallet purchase.

Melinda said...

Thanks! That's helpful! I called Shel and she said she liked the hobo one better as well. I'm kind of indecisive so it's nice to get a strong opinion either way :) Oh, I got a wallet from Target, but it looks like it might fall apart in a month. We'll see.

Amanda said...

mm.. i love that wallet too. and i like the second purse the best too. :)

have you looked at piperlime's purses?

Heidi said...

Hey I find your blog through Kristen! It may be too late - but my vote is the second one - I don't love the shoulder strap/hand strap of the third one all that much...