Monday, November 3, 2008

Lots of Pumpkin

I love Halloween and I always get very excited about getting a costume and going to a pumpkin patch, etc. This year it was just too crazy to do anything and partly because Halloween day was the end of the quarter. I spent the whole week prior trying to grade and get lessons ready. I didn't end up ordering my awesome authentic Japanese kimono and when I came home after a day of grading and planning, I had to bake like crazy! I made 2 loaves of pumpkin bread and a pan of pumpkin spice dessert. Then, I insisted that John and I carve pumpkins. I was in such a hurry to get it done that I don't think I relished it like I usually do. John was sad I didn't take a closer look at his kitty cat pumpkin. He was so proud of cutting the shape out in one piece that he propped the cut out cat on our door step. Here is the evidence of our work.

After pumpkin carving, we finished part of an episode of Super Natural, and then jetted down to Provo for our friend Angelica's Halloween party. It was fun to see her again, but also a little awkward because everyone at the party was from a BYU student ward. Single guys were on the prowl and single girls were being flirty. When I sat on John's lap to make room for some girls on the couch, we got giggles, stares, and a comment of "Ooo, we can squish you guys in a little more if you want". That was weird. John suggested we just start making out and end all confusion. Maybe no one could see our wedding rings because it was dark. There was one really odd costume that night. One girl decided to be a BYU student for Halloween. She stuffed a basket ball or something in a XL BYU T-shirt (pretending to be pregnant) and carried around Twilight and a Book of Mormon. It was actually just disturbing. I guess she won in my book for scariest costume this year.

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