Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Can you hear an atom when it explodes?

On the subject on my 7th graders, we have been learning a lot about matter this month. That includes atoms, molecules, and phases of matter. Since my degree is in Biology, I'm not very fluent in this area of science. My students would ask me questions like "How fast does an electron move?" or "How does the atomic bomb work?" This would send me scrambling to wikipedia during my lunch break to find a suitable answer.

As mentioned in a previous post, John's cousin Clark and his wife Lilly came to stay with us on Monday. We had such a fun time hanging out with them, if only for a little while. I think we get each others' sense of humor very well. Clark is a graduate student in physical chemistry at UC Irvine and was the perfect person to answer all my curious students' questions. Kindly, he volunteered to speak to a group of 100 7th graders. I was impressed and so were the kids. I've never seen them sit so still and listen so well. I wish they would be that good for me. Clark was a natural up in front of the students and they were in awe of his wealth of knowledge. When the presentation ended I overheard many murmurs of "that was soo cool!" and "Whoa he knows a lot!" I think it's wonderful for kids to see real life role models instead of Jay-Z and Beyonce. Thanks Clark and Lilly for being our friends and inspiring a rising generation! I didn't take pictures, but I did record the whole thing. I'll try to find a way to upload it so you can learn about matter too.


Kris said...

WHAT? I've got to come up with a couple better than J&B? I'm hard pressed to do so...but I'll think about it.

Amanda said...

wow. that's so cool. it's experiences like that your students will remember you by...and later be inspired by. :)

you're such a wonderful teacher. really.

Clark said...

I don't think I can compare with the charitable work of J&B. I did very much enjoy doing it. The kids were great and had such great questions. I only made up a few facts along the way, hopefully nothing major.