Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why I love the San Diego Temple

My favorite temple is the San Diego temple. It's not my favorite because it is gorgeous (it is) but because I have so many memories tied to it. When I was in 3rd grade they announced the building of the San Diego temple. Before that time all of Southern California used the LA temple which was a 2 hour drive. Back in the day they used to have the members of the church help in some part of temple construction. Now we're spoiled and a construction company is paid to do everything. I remember that me, my little sister Michelle, my mom, and my dad all went down to the future temple site and spent a whole Saturday clearing brush and tumble weed. After that we would always drive past the temple site and occasionally stop to take pictures to check the progress of our temple.

When the temple finally opened I was in 5th grade. We went as a family to the open house and I remember my mom pointing out the bride's room, which I thought was super cool. Soon after was the temple dedication. My mom bought us white handkerchiefs to wave at the ceremony. At first it didn't look like we were going to get a seat inside because it was so crowded. Then somehow they found some seats open right in the Celestial room where President (then Elder) Hinckley spoke. It was a very special experience and even though I was young I could feel the importance of the event. I also remember a little bird got in the Celestial room and was chirping the whole time. (Maybe like the Holy Ghost descending in the form of a sparrow?)

Next was when I was in the Young Women program. I actually didn't like church much then. I did like youth temple baptisms because we would go out for McDonald's ice cream afterwards. There was a time that my parents came and we were baptized as proxies for a great aunt and uncle. They lived in Japan and as far as I know, never heard of the gospel. That was also a special experience. One of the temple workers told us the story of the magnificent chandelier that hangs over the font. It is made of 100 pieces of crystal glass, possibly more but I can't remember to clearly, that were shipped from Europe. Each piece hangs suspended individually from the ceiling. It looks like a hundred stars.

The third event was when I went to the temple to take out my own endowment before my mission. I was very nervous about the whole thing. But as a lady mentioned in church today, it felt familiar, like coming home. The most special part was walking into the celestial room after the endowment to see both of my parents waiting to give me a hug. I thought, this is what heaven must feel like.

Fourth significant event was my sealing to my husband John on our wedding day. I probably don't need to explain why that is important. I will say that I am grateful for the opportunity to be at his side for the rest of time.

When I go home to San Diego, John and I always try to attend the temple there. It will always hold a special significance in my life.

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Amanda said...

wow. that was a beautiful post.

i can't imagine how special it would be to have helped with my own hands, even just a little, to build a temple. i mean i can..just a little..and it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.

thanks for reminds me of how thankful i am to be able to have a temple closeby ( only an hour or so)