Friday, October 10, 2008

Things you should never give a 7th grader

Somehow my 7th graders, though they may be 12 years old, cannot really be trusted with certain things. Here are a few basic things that are bad to leave a 7th grader with unsupervised:

1. Markers - end result is black and blue colored appendages
2. Tape - ends up over their mouths, in little pieces all over the place, and stuck all over the desk.
3. Staples - I had a kid staple pieces of his hair up. Another colleague has told me her student stapled his head.
4. Glue sticks - these you will find mashed up in the oddest places. One student also tried to color a glue stick.
5. Pencils - they end up in noses and mouths

If you give some of these things to a middle school aged kid before you teach, good luck getting through your lesson. I learned it's best to pass them out after you've given directions. Interesting thing is that this also applies to adults. I've passed out paper and pencils in church before a lesson and it was difficult to keep the ladies paying attention. They started making to do lists and drawing pictures. Perhaps we all have some degree of ADD.

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