Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thief in the Night

There are some positive things about living in the suburbs. Trees (actually not quite yet here), people that plant flowers, and safety, number one. Well last night I did a stupid thing. I left my car unlocked and my garage door open. That's never happened before. Let me explain. Yesterday was a rush. It involved grocery shopping, visiting the sick, visiting teachers, technology incentive reading, and grocery shopping all to be finished in 4 hours. When I came home from the store after visiting the sick, my visiting teacher was walking up my drive way. So, kindly, she offered to help me carry in my bags. Usually I lock my car and close the garage as I come into the house. I didn't this time because I did not want to crush her or her daughter.

This morning I woke up and the door to my car was open, my iPod was gone, as well as my purse (wallet included), and a bag of nickles (from a previous trip to the nickelcade). It was weird. Some reason I focused on the bag of nickels. What idiot takes a bag of nickels? Why not take our $300 super cool, green, mini lawn mower or John's set of tools? Maybe he/she was in a rush. So, suburbs, not so safe. Then again I was kind of asking for it.

We found the credit card was used to get gas in Sandy and canceled all cards and accounts. Interesting thing is that when we reported the incident to the police they wanted the serial number of the iPod. John was so proud of his geekiness because he knew how to find that information. So, hooray for geeks! I love my husband. I actually don't know what the police will do with that info. I think I will have my geek husband install a GPS in my next iPod. Or maybe I'll just make my own a la Brett in Flight of the Conchords.

Good news? New Purse! There has to be something happy about right?


Amanda said...

i'm so sorry. when someone takes something, it feels like you were violated or something... it's an awful feeling. but we love you. and i am glad they didn't take your nifty lawnmower. and i am glad that you got a new purse. i like new purses too.

if i see someone with a bag of nickels i'll kick them in the shins and take the bag back. especially since they don't have nickels here and we would know for sure it was the thief.

sorry. lock your doors. and maybe you can teach bella how to bark at strangers in the night.

John said...

Just so you know, finding that serial wasn't easy. iTunes doesn't actually display the serial number for your ipod, unless you plug it in. In our case, we couldn't plug it in, so I went searching around for secret configuration files. iTunes keeps all kinds of secret information in XML files. Then it hides the XML files in all kinds of different places, half of which happen to be hidden folders. The XML files are things that look a lot like HTML, so my geekiness was really at its peak with knowing all the places to look. I feel like if the thief is caught, it will be partly due to my digital sleuthing.

Ben said...

I am so sorry you got robbed!

John, you'll have to explain where you found the serial number. That is a really cool trick.

Emily said...

Yikes! Sorry. :( I'm glad you cancelled your credit cards and John sleuthed out your serial number. Thanks for the reminder- we leave our garage door open a lot b/c if we close it right away it's really fumey.

holtkamp said...

i like your new layout. i will keep my eye for any thugs the next time i go to herriman. actually the only time i've ever gotten anything stolen in utah was by a little kid, who eventually was caught by guilt or his parents and returned the stolen merchandise...maybe your robber will have lots of bad karma and give back your stuff.

Kris said...

Way to go John!!! I'm telling Dan all about this, he will think that part is cool. Not so cool? Having that sick feeling that someone was in your stuff. My car got broken into at my mall when I was 17 - it just felt icky to get into the car after that. I'm so sorry you had that hassle and the worry. I'm so glad you get to go new purse shopping!!

Anne said...

That's awful! I hope they find your stuff (and I hope you love your new purse too!)