Thursday, October 16, 2008

Running in the Fall

One thing I really like about the fall is its perfect conditions for running. I took a 3 mile run today in 66 degree weather at sunset. It was beautiful, fresh, and crisp. There were only two other people on the trail. I was surrounded by water, trees, horses, and birds. I really like looking at birds when I run. One time I was running and a flock of starlings kept landing and flying right in front of me. The sound of a hundred or more birds flying in such close proximity and isolation is enchanting. I felt like Moses parting a black sea of feathers.

Someone that owns land near the trail where I run has a pond toward the back of their property. As I was passing by today I saw that there were ducks in the pond. It was so picturesque so I stopped to take a closer look. There were a pair of light gray ducks that I had never seen before. I took a Natural History of Biology class that required birding hours in college. We had to learn all the common bird species in Utah. I noticed that some of the ducks were sitting so still and I wondered if that's how ducks slept; still on the water. On the way back I passed the pond again, I took another look and realized that the gray ducks and a few of the mallards were fake! That was strange. Did the owners put fake ducks to attract real ducks? Do plastic ducks make the real ducks more comfortable. Would that be why some people put plastic flamingos in their yards?


Emily said...

I hope thet're not to attract ducks for hunters. :(

Kris said...

That is very strange...fake ducks? I don't get it either.