Friday, October 3, 2008

If I had a Super Power

It would be to be able to turn into a HUGE, muscular man! I'm not kidding. I totally wish that's what I could do it. Now don't get me wrong, I love all the trappings of femininity, but it would be so handy. I had hall duty in the main hall of the school today and told a kid (a 9th grade boy) not to slide down the railing on the stairs. So he looks at me and walks a few steps and then slides down again. What a dufus. So I told him he needed to walk back up the steps and walk down again since he was so obviously defiant. He looks at me and gives me this racist bit: "I no speeko engles" Ooooo! Not the place to go with me. That minute I wish I could have morphed into the Rock. It's somewhat unfortunate being a 5'4" young Asian female teacher. The older kids have no respect for you. Now, if I charge down the halls has a 6'4" massive man, I don't think I'd get that attitude. Maybe I just need to work out, take some growth hormones and turn into a 6'7" massive female. I did get this kid to listen. I threatened him with a referral and he practically skipped up the stairs and walked down again. Sheesh!


holtkamp said...

if i'm ever mad at someone (which is usually someone at work), i ask geli if she'll beat them up for me cause i know she can take on anyone. maybe she could beat up the bratty kid?

Jethro said...

I have your back if that ever happens around me. That is why I don't ever lose any weight. I am more intimidating. Anyway, he was probably just mad that he got totally dominated by a bunch of old dudes on the football field.

Amanda said...

i get steamed just reading it.

but i can't think of anything really intimidating. i guess you really do need to be able to morph into a 6'7" foot man.

that would get'im.

have you tried growling? ! :)

Melinda said...

Thanks! You guys make me feel better. I'll start pumping some more iron. I was talking with John and started thinking of quite a few little people who are/were intimidating: Hitler (wouldn't want to be him though), my follow up trainer on the the mission, and Saul of Tarsus. I'll be working on my serious mean face >:(