Monday, October 6, 2008

I love my Mom & Dad

My Parents in front of the Red Iguana

On Thursday my parents came to visit us for conference weekend! That means lots of good conversation and eating out. My parents always bring treats from San Diego that I can't get here in Utah. This time they came bearing Haiga rice (THE best rice!), Pucca & Choco (Japanese candy), and a cute little omelette pan (perfect for making tiny square omelettes for sandwiches, sushi, and fried rice). Yes, most of the things they bring are from the Japanese stores. My mom likes to bring candy every time she visits. She also brought John some peach mango Australian licorice. We spent the weekend watching conference, eating some great Korean food, shopping (during priesthood session), and talking.

Besides seeing us, my parents also came to Utah to see one of my Dad's former converts from his mission . . . 46 years ago! Back then, missions were 3 years instead of 2 for elders and my dad was what was called a traveling elder. Instead of being in one area of the country, he oversaw and proselyted in cities all over Japan . The man he baptized was a teenage boy back then, and now he was just released as the Mission President of the Hokkaido mission. I thought that was amazing. I guess you never know what good your life can do for others.

Before my parents left for the airport this afternoon, we had dinner at the Red Iguana. I had read so much about the Mexican food there but left unimpressed. I had the Mole Coloradito. I still like Diego's down in Provo as well as La Cantina de Susantia Hernandez.
John was excited about his enchilada.


holtkamp said...

your parents are so cute i miss them! and i definitely agree "susanita's" food is the best ever!

Jody said...

Your parents *are* cute. Cool story about your dad. Do they ever age? They still look the same as years ago. :)

Emily said...

I miss your parents! They're awesome! So do you make your own sushi? If so, I'd love to learn from you!

beckie said...

Steve and I had read all this hype about the red iguana so we went too, and for me hole in the wall mexican is usually best so I was expecting good food. Neither of us were impressed.

Try El Gallo Giro on University Ave in Provo, its pretty good.

Kris said...

I had forgotten about Diegos - YUM!!! Red Iguana is not so hot.

Your parents are so cute - I love that they bring you little gifts, how fun! Glad you had a nice visit with them.