Friday, October 24, 2008


Tomorrow, one of John's good friends from high school, John Jensen, is getting married. John was in charge of bringing the pizza to the bachelor party. That means I'm alone tonight. I had great expectations for a fun night out with my friends, but guess what I'm doing instead? Grading, reading for a technology incentive, and grading. Parents seem to think I'm a machine and can spit out grades like a Scantron. I think it's also the fact that I'm grading science fair procedures that makes it tedious.

Ever since watching The Ring and living with two roommates with long black hair, I cannot handle scary movies or TV shows, especially if I'm alone. The only TV show left in our queue was Super Natural, but I was not about to watch that alone. So guess what I picked for grading background instead? Pee Wee's Big Adventure!! I think I'm regretting that decision. The part with Large Marge is still pretty creepy not to mention Pee Wee himself. Despite the lonely night, I'm looking forward to John bringing me back a banana cream pie shake from Carl's Jr.


Emily said...

Poor Melinda! I hope your students' science fair procedures were less scary than the Ring and the banana cream pie shake makes up for some of it!

Amanda said...

i had no idea that john jensen is getting married...yay!

and...i'm sorry you are going to be alone. i hate being alone...

but getting stuff to make up for that's cool.