Sunday, September 21, 2008

They're Everywhere!

One of the very good things about living in the community where you teach is that work is usually a 5 minute drive away. That means if I don't have any readily available food to take to school, I can just run home during my lunch break and eat some toast. It saves money on food and gas. The somewhat awkward thing is that I get to see my students everywhere I go. Some days it's a good thing and others it's just weird. If I make a quick stop to the grocery store in pajamas, presto, I get spotted by a student. If I duck in a store after I run I hear snickers behind me and realize that it's a bevy of my 7th grade girls and their friends. This month I have hit the high mark for public student/teacher run-ins:

1. Last night at Target - I got the super cool "Hey Ms. LeSueur" nod
2. At the park during a church activity - 15 min. conversation that included meeting the siblings, the dad, and the dog.
3. At the church during visiting teaching interviews - this was in the parking lot and again today after church. We're in the same building.
4. Down in Provo at the Latin Festival - this was far away from my house but they pop up in the oddest places.
5. At the grocery store - this is usually every week

I've learned that because I'm a fully integrated part of this community now, that this is my life for better or for worse until these kids graduate. This also means that I don't go out in PJ's anymore, I run in very modest clothing, and I watch my conversations in public very carefully. Who knows when one of my kids will walk by. I guess I have greater sympathy for stars like Natalie Portman and Jennifer Gardner who have all those embarrassing pictures published in magazine like People and US.


Kris said...

OH!!! That was so cute though when she came over to talk to you.

But I could see after running or in your pj's...I would get a little iffy about that too. Start sending John to the store. Dan makes all of the late night runs around here!

whitney allison said...

It's like all this time I didn't even know you were right here with me on blogger! I'm so happy.